Why a Marketplace for Commodities?

Developing countries, such as Sri Lanka that rely on commodities to improve their economies are known as commodity-dependent countries. The problem is, commodity prices are constantly fluctuating, which leads to a great deal of uncertainty to the economy. Those most affected by this price fluctuation are the farmers.

For example, natural rubber prices used to be at Rs. 986, however, for the last two years, the prices have decreased to Rs. 200- 180. There are over 100,000 rubber farmers in Sri Lanka, and this has negatively impacted them in unimaginable ways.

Also, if you consider the tea industry, there are well over 400,000 small tea farmers (less than 10 acres) in Sri Lanka. The price of raw tea leaf decreased by 25% last year alone, and farmers expect to lose money at the current price.

Therefore, it is essential for farmers to enter into value addition to make value-added products from their commodities. This is why Antmodity introduced Ant Marketplace.

Through Ant Marketplace and Antmodity Processing Centers, we are producing value-added products by selling to wholesalers and directly to worldwide customers.


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