Sweet Cassava (manioc) – Sri Lanka

Scientific Name of Cassava: Manihot esculenta Other Name/s: Manihot esculenta, manioc (Sri Lanka), cassava, yuca, mandioca and Brazilian arrowroot Country of Origin: Sri Lanka (Ceylon) Grade/s:

  • Sweet Cassava (fresh)
  • Frozen Cassava
  • Dried Cassava

What is Cassava? There are two types of cassava: sweet and bitter. Both look identical, but bitter cassava contains higher quantities of cyanide compounds (490 parts per million.) Thailand, Vietnam, and China mainly produce bitter cassava. However, Sri Lanka, East, and West African countries produce sweet cassava.

Packing & Loading Capacity:  Fresh Cassava: For sea freight shipments, Ant Commodity recommends using reefer containers. To keep the freshness of cassava, in Sri Lanka we pack cassava (manioc) with cocopeat (coir dust). Cocopeat is a natural fiber made out of coconut husks and provides a soil type environment which helps keep the freshness of cassava. East and West African countries use waxing to keep the freshness of cassava.

  • 20 ft. reefer container: 20 Kg box: 10-12 tons
  • 40 ft. reefer container: 20 Kg box: 22-26 tons

Ant Commodity team works with farmers to ensure that the shipment is delivered within 10 hours time prame Relevant Sri Lanka Standards: SLS 1327: 2008 Code of Hygienic Practice for Spices and Other Dried Aromatic Plants Certifications: Country of Origin Phytosanitary certificate Fumigation certificate Other certificates request

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