Our Model

The current method of commodity trading has prevailed for many years. After a farmer produces the commodity, it passes through various traders and brokers before reaching the end-user. Because of this, farmers & end-buyers pay a hefty price and the process is hugely inefficient.

Ant Commodity provides a holistic, long-term approach to bring prosperity to farmers. We provide capital, community processing centers, and a selling solution to sell directly to buyers and bypassing traders. These solutions enable farmers to shift from surviving to thriving.

Here’s how our model works:

  1. Financing [optional]: Farmers receive financing as needed to plant, maintain and harvest the commodities. Financing is provided at a reasonable rate against the future harvest.
  2. Training: With the participation from Sri Lanka ITI, Sri Lanka Faculty of Agriculture, and our knowledge on the commodity market, we provide training and guidance to farmers.
  3. Purchasing: Farmers supply their commodity to the processing center and receive money at the current market value.
  4. Community Processing Center: We process and consolidate all inventories into customer orders. Finally, the orders are shipped to the customers worldwide.
  5. Profit sharing: Farmers receive additional profit earned, after deducting expenses.

Our goal is to create a thriving business for us, the farmers and end-buyers. We created our services with the intention of providing an exclusive package to empower farmers by allowing them to sell directly to the market without the use of traders. 

Our Model - Ant Commodity
Our Model – Ant Commodity