Moringa Powder – Sri Lanka

Other Name/s: Moringa Oliefera leaves powder, Drumstick tree powder, Horseradish tree powder

Country of Origin: Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

Grade/s: Sri Lanka Moringa powder doesn’t have a grading system.

What is Moringa (Drumstick)? Moringa tree is also known as Drumstick, and Horseradish tree is native to S Asia but grows in Africa. Moringa is an Ayurvedic medicine in S Asia. Main products are fruits (drumstick), leaves (dry and powder) and oil. Ant Commodity has processing centers in Sri Lanka and Malawi.

Relevant Sri Lanka Standards:
SLS 1327: 2008 Code of Hygienic Practice for Spices and Other Dried Aromatic Plants

Value Added Products We Do:
Private label spices bottles and bags
Cinnamon capsules

Organic [USDA, EU, and Korean] [Optional]
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Phytosanitary certificate
Fumigation certificate
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