Cinnamon (Canela)

There are two main types of cinnamon in the world; Ceylon cinnamon and Cassia cinnamon. Ceylon cinnamon comes only from Sri Lanka and contains a lower amount of coumarin. Therefore, Ceylon cinnamon is considered one of the safest cinnamon in the world. Cassia cinnamon comes from China, Vietnam (Saigon), and Indonesia (Korintje). Cassia cinnamon is cheaper than Ceylon cinnamon.

Ceylon Cinnamon Chips

Thawalama, Sri Lanka

Other Name/s: Sri Lanka Cinnamon, True Cinnamon, Pure Ceylon Cinnamon, Cinnamomum Verum, Ceylon Canela & Mexican CinnamonCountry of Origin: Sri Lanka (Ceylon) Country of Origin: Sri Lanka (Ceylon) Grade/s: Ceylon Cinnamon chips have two grades.Read More