Ceylon Tea

Ceylon tea is grown in Sri Lanka. Until 1972, Sri Lanka was known as Ceylon, and thus the tea was called Ceylon tea.

Ant Commodity works directly with Tea Connoisseurs Delight, a small scale,  tea manufacture from Galle, Sri Lanka to produce 25 different types of teas. The tea farm is located in a rainforest climate. It is the ideal location for growing great Ceylon tea. All teas are selectively handpicked and processed at the tea factory located on the tea farm.

i. Ceylon Black teas: Whole leaf grades, Broken leaf grades, Fannings grades, and Dust grades.

ii. Ceylon Green teas: Whole leaf grades

iii. Handmade teas: Virgin white tea, Virgin white tea, and Virgin cinnamon tip tea

iv. Specialty teas: Naturally flavored teas

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