Ceylon Cinnamon Chips – Sri Lanka

  • Thawalama, Sri Lanka

Other Name/s: Sri Lanka Cinnamon, True Cinnamon, Pure Ceylon Cinnamon, Cinnamomum Verum, Ceylon Canela & Mexican CinnamonCountry of Origin: Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

Country of Origin: Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

Grade/s: Ceylon Cinnamon chips have two grades.

Grade 1
Grade 2

Please refer our “Ceylon Cinnamon Sri Lanka Standards” post to understand how we do the grading: https://www.antcommodity.com/ceylon-cinnamon-sri-lanka-standards/.

What is Ceylon Cinnamon? Ceylon cinnamon is native to Sri Lanka (Ceylon). Sri Lanka is the world’s largest producer of Ceylon cinnamon to the world. Ceylon cinnamon has a pale brown to slightly reddish color and a delicate, sweet flavor. Ceylon cinnamon is the safest cinnamon in the world due to a lower level of Coumarin (0.017g/ Kg.)

Packing & Loading Capacity: 
Packed in 20 Kg in polypropylene bags
20 ft. container: 5 MT: 25 Kg bale

Relevant Sri Lanka Standards:
SLS 81: 2010 Sri Lanka Standard for Specification for Ceylon Cinnamon
Grading Cinnamon based on the diameter of quills, number of quills per Kilogram and extent of foxing.

SLS 1327: 2008 Code of Hygienic Practice for Spices and Other Dried Aromatic Plants

Value Added Products We Do:
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Organic [USDA, EU, and Korean] [Optional]
Country of Origin
Phytosanitary certificate
Fumigation certificate
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Ant Commodity has established two main processing centers in Rathnapura and Thawala districts in Sri Lanka. All these centers collect Ceylon cinnamon directly from farmers, clean & sort according to the SLS 81: 2010 grading system and ship to local and international customers.