Commodity Prices

Ant Commodity surveys and records the prices of selected commodities from different villages in Sri Lanka and local entities. We share this data internally with customers to better understand the commodity prices. All prices are quoted in USD on FOB basis.

Prices mentioned below are different from Ant Commodity’s actual selling prices. Actual prices can be higher or lower. Visit Ant Commodity Exchange Platform to check the actual selling prices. Please send your questions to [email protected].

Sri Lanka Ceylon Black Pepper Prices

Ant Commodity collects Ceylon black pepper local prices from farmers in four cities in Sri Lanka (Galle, Matara, Ratnapura, and Kandy). All prices are quoted in FOB USD/KG (=1 Kg or 2.20462 lbs). Ant Commodity updates Ceylon black pepper prices twice¬†a week. Black Pepper grades included are GR-1, GR-2, and… Read More

Ceylon Cinnamon Sri Lanka Standards

SLS 81: 2010 Sri Lanka Standard Ceylon Cinnamon Grade Diameter of quills  mm, max Number of whole quills (1050mm) per kg min Extent of foxing % max  Alba 6 45 10 Continental C5 special 6 35 10 C5 10 31 10 C4 13 24 10 C3 16 22 15 C 0 17… Read More

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We are connected with over 10,000 Sri Lankan farmers and have built two centers to store and process 5,000 tons of cinnamon, cassava, and tea. We're 100% focused on finding and offering the lowest commodity prices for you. See for yourself by joining at Platform.AntCommodity.Com.