The majority of commodity producers in developing countries own less than four acres of land. That is why we can’t expect farmers to have the ability to sell directly to end-buyers without using traders.

Community Processing Center operate as follows:

  1. Purchasing: Farmers supply their commodity to the processing center and receive money at the current market value.
  2. Community Processing Center: Ant Commodity process and consolidate all inventories into customer orders. Finally, the orders are shipped to the customers worldwide.
  3. Profit sharing: Farmers receive additional profit earned, after deducting expenses. Read our model here.

For Ceylon cinnamon, Ant Commodity has partnered with one of their own ventures, Tea connoisseurs Delight. Tea Connoisseurs Delight has a cinnamon community processing center in Thawalama, Sri Lanka. The facility can store up to 200 tons of cinnamon and equipped with grinders, cutters, dryers, and packing machines.

For cassava, Ant Commodity has its own community processing center in Wawala Wawa, Sri Lanka. The processing facility can store up to 100 tons of cassava and is equipped with washing, waxing and packing machines.

Ant Commodity will open two new processing centers for spices and oil extraction in 2019.



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