Ant Commodity launches physical commodity exchange for spices & tea

Ant Commodity, a trading platform for spices & tea has announced its new online exchange. The problem it is solving? Bringing transparency, efficiency, and technology to a centuries-old market that still relies heavily on traders/brokers.

“Today, spice & tea producers in developing countries often sell to local and regional traders, leaving a lot of money on the table due to market inefficiencies and limited transparency,” Ananda Piyankara, co-founder at Ant Commodity “We have redefined the trade of spices and tea, streamlining the complex, slow, and expensive, and eliminating the need for traders. Our digital, online platform allows end-buyers to source their spices & tea directly from producers at the lowest price— increasing efficiency, transparency, and, most importantly, profits.”

The platform currently focusses on Ceylon cinnamon powder, quills, quillings, pepper, clove, and Ceylon tea. In addition to the transaction platform, Ant Commodity offers quality control, freight forwarding, and insurance.

Platform URL:

Finding the best price in the market is our passion.

We are connected with over 10,000 Sri Lankan farmers and have built two centers to store and process 5,000 tons of cinnamon, cassava, and tea. We're 100% focused on finding and offering the lowest commodity prices for you. See for yourself by joining at Platform.AntCommodity.Com.